sales and PRODUCTION

Market outline

Due to a combination of regulations the market is divided into 5 categories as follows:

1) <50cc

2) >50<125cc

3) >125<250cc

4) >250<400cc

5) >400cc

The division between <400 and >400 is not reflected in market data as it is caused by the rider license system.

Foreign brands In Japan

Ever wondered how foreign brands perform in Japan?

Foreign Registrations


The sales figures reported by JAMA regard domestic sales to dealers by Japanese manufacturers.

The difference in production and sales volume equates to export (or import) volumes.

Production <50cc

Production <125cc

Production 250cc

Production >250cc


Registration data for vehicles <125cc is not centrally recorded, therefore no data is available and in this case JAMA data is the best reflection of market performance. As domestic makers enjoy a dominant market share this data provides an overall market trend for small displacements.

For displacements over 125cc the JMVA record actual vehicle registrations.

Financial year ending March 31st; Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, June 30th; Triumph, August 31st; KTM,

December 31st; Yamaha, BMW, Harley Davidson, Piaggio Group, Ducati.

The seasonality of the Japan market typically sees peaks in retail activity in March/April, June/July and September. From the above chart it can be seen how sensitive foreign brands with a financial year ending December 31st are to posting sales and clearing inventory within each fiscal year and/or launching new product for the following year.