JAMA Motorcycle Market Trend Surveys Fiscal Year 2005 Survey Results

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JAMA - April 28, 2006

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) has published the results of its motorcycle market trend survey carried out in fiscal 2005.  Motorcycle surveys are conducted in odd-numbered years and target owners of newly purchased motorcycles, to track changes in the market and the impact of motorcycle use-related developments.

Based on 5,628 responses, survey results revealed the following three basic trends:

  • Motorcycle ownership among young men and women in their teens and 20s fell, whereas ownership among men and women in their 50s or older rose.  This confirmed an overall trend towards older owners.
  • Replacement demand accounted for over half (55%) of the total number of purchases, with first-time purchases marking a decline since the previous survey (fiscal 2003).
  • 87% of respondents said they wanted to continue riding motorcycles in future, indicating an overwhelming desire to maintain use.  Nevertheless, this was a drop from 92% in 2003.

The survey also indicated that:

  • Respondents were largely aware of Japan’s lifting its ban on expressway tandem riding (72%); quite aware of the national motorcycle recycling program (50%); and somewhat less aware of the new automatic- transmission motorcycle license category (46%).
  • Among those aware of the lifting of the expressway tandem-riding ban, 57% expressed agreement, indicating that “tandem riding on expressways is a good idea.”
  • Attitudes towards motorcycle features and use differed between owners born prior to 1970 and those born in or after 1970.
  • Specifically, users born between 1965-70 enjoyed motorcycle touring and emphasized “good pickup, acceleration and top speed,” while users born between 1975-80 were drawn primarily by “style and design.”

    See the original article in full at http://www.jama-english.jp/release/release/2006/060428-3.html