JAMA Motorcycle Market Trend Surveys Fiscal Year 2003 Survey Results

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JAMA - April 8, 2004

Motorcycle Market Trend Survey

  1. New Motorcycle Buyer Survey (Previous [FY 2001] survey results arrow Current survey results)
    • Motorcycle use increased overall among people in their 20s and 30s (36%arrow39%); within that same user age category, the number of owners of 50cc-and-under models also increased (31%arrow36%). Increase in motorcycle users who hold passenger car driver's licenses (69%arrow80%) and decrease in users who hold motorcycle driver's licenses only (31%arrow21%). Increase in users expressing the desire to continue to ride motorcycles in the future (86%arrow92%). Decline in average years of motorcycle use (5.9 yearsarrow5.5 years). Increase in temporary ownership interruptions and repurchases (10%arrow14%). Among purchase decision priorities, increase in "Low price" (26%arrow40%). Among reasons for making new purchases, increase in "Low fuel and maintenance costs" (36%arrow42%).
    • Among reasons for purchasing an additional motorcycle, increase in "Varied use, depending on distance to destination" (33%arrow37%).

  2. Topics Survey
    1. Mini-sized motorcycle user survey
      • Though the domestic motorcycle market is generally in decline, demand for mini-sized motorcycles (126cc-250cc) has increased in recent years, with scooters selling especially well. Driving this demand are "Young users in their 20s and younger" - a change from conventional scooter owners.
      • "Sightings around town" have become a factor that prompt purchases, with the "customizing" of scooters, reflecting the wider trend of individualized, personal fashion, contributing to the popularity of this vehicle class. 

    2. Imported motorcycle (reverse imports, overseas models) user survey
      • Both "reverse imports" and overseas models recorded slight increases in demand, the former category bolstered by "Driving performance" and the latter by a "Status symbol" appeal. In terms of users, these models are positioned differently from their domestic counterparts, with the percentage of overseas model owners aged in their 40s and older particularly high.

    3. Lifting of highway tandem-riding prohibition (Proposed)
      • Of current owners/users of the 126cc-and-over motorcycle class (for which highway riding is allowed), 63% favored the abolition of the regulation prohibiting tandem riding ("Highly favor lifting of regulation" + "Moderately favor lifting of regulation").

    4. Introduction of motorcycle electronic toll collection (ETC) use
      • Of current owners/users of the 126cc-and-over motorcycle class (for which highway riding is allowed), 58% replied they would want to use a motorcycle ETC system ("Very much want to use" + "Moderately want to use").

    5. Introduction of automatic transmission (AT)-only motorcycle driver's license
      • Of current motorcycle owners not holding large-sized motorcycle driver's licenses, 29% expressed the desire to obtain AT-only licenses if such a license category were introduced. Of previous owners of motorcycles not holding large-sized motorcycle driver's licenses, 16% expressed the desire to "Ride again if such a category were introduced" or "Would consider learning to ride again if such a category were introduced."

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