China International Motorcycle Exhibition (CIMA) 2012

posted May 5, 2012, 7:04 AM by Loose Tube
Visit the China International Motorcycle Exhibition (CIMA) 

October 2012 

Very often trying to find a way in to the Chinese motorcycle industry can be difficult. Obscure websites written in poor English hinder communication as do poor phone connections. The answer to the problem is to visit the CIMAmotor expo the biggest commuter motorcycle trade exhibition in the world. Each year more than 103000 people (including 32000 trade visitors) view over 450 exhibition stands (90 motorcycle companies and 360 parts and accessory companies) displaying more than 1000 motorcycle models and too many spare parts and accessories to count. CIMA represents 90% of the Chinese motorcycle industry including all of the top 50 factories with many companies choosing CIMA to launch their new products (112 new models were displayed in 2011); the expo generates over 100 million RMB on site. 

2011 saw the launch of the bigger displacement motorcycles from China with Europe and North America primary market targets. With the Chinese domestic market greatly reduced due to Government policies banning the use of motorcycles in urban areas more and more motorcycle companies are looking to export and have the EURO and DOT certificates of conformity or are looking for cooperative partners. 

Making their debut at the CIMA 2011 were Yadea and Qianjiang two of the biggest electric scooter manufacturers in the world. This year will hopefully see many more EV companies contributing. 

CIMA not only attracts Chinese exhibitors, in 2011 36 foreign companies from UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, Thailand, Korea and Taiwan chose CIMA to showcase their products to the Chinese audience. CIMA 2011 saw 41 motorcycle events held in conjunction with the expo including- stunt displays, product demonstrations, company news releases, beauty pageants and development forums 

2012 will see the introduction of a series of motocross races some of which will ask you the visitor to participate (don’t worry we’ll supply the bike and safety gear) and the launch of Australian Don Hampton as he attempts to ride 20000 kilometres around China on a motorcycle and sidecar. 

The exhibition centre is the 3rd largest in China and boasts restaurants, tea rooms and bars (with really cheap beer)! 

For the 2012 expo CIMA have introduced the VIP Service Pass which is available to overseas motorcycle/parts/accessory traders. The VIP pass includes free hotel accommodation, Personal Assistant (translators, tour guides) and much more. For more details see the VIP Service information. To apply for the VIP pass contact me at 

I sincerely hope to see in Chongqing! David McMullan, the Englishman in China.