Motorcycles in Indonesia

Motorcycle industry background 

Indonesia has one of the 

largest populations in the region, spread across many islands. From a motorcycle industry point of view it resembles Thailand, due to the low level of pre-existing industrialization and similar government policies. Japanese manufacturers entered the Indonesian market in the 70s approximately 10 years after they entered Thailand and after the political strife in Indonesia during the 60s. Japanese suppliers accompanied the principal makers though more local suppliers exist than in Thailand.

Top brands in Indonesia

The popular models are of the under bone style. Many Chinese manufacturers see Indonesia as a target market for production or CKD/SKD assembly and the economic influence of the Chinese Diaspora in Indonesia has undoubtedly facilitated this. The Japanese products are compliant with gas emissions regulations and after many years of efficiency efforts, the price gap compared to Chinese products has been significantly reduced. Japanese build quality is superior and as customers consider the used asset value of a motorcycle as important, this enhances the value proposition of the Japanese products. The Indonesian motorcycle industry is subordinate to Japanese manufacturers’ global strategy.

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Important events involving Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

 1971 Honda    Motorcycle production in Indonesia begins. 
 1971 Yamaha  Haraban Motor Co. founded in Indonesia in tie-up with Haraban Co. and local production of motorcycles begun in Indonesia 
 1974 Suzuki   P.T. Suzuki Indonesia Manufacturing (a joint venture for part production) is established in Jakarta, Indonesia. 
 1974 Yamaha    PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) founded in Indonesia as motorcycle parts maker 
 1994 Kawasaki   P.T. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia founded in Indonesia 
 1996 Yamaha     PT. Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Indonesia (YPMI) founded 
 1997 Yamaha     PT. Yamaha Motor Nuansa Indonesia (YMNI) founded 
 2002 Suzuki     Suzuki makes P.T. Indomobil Suzuki International (an Indonesian joint venture for car and motorcycle production) a subsidiary. 
 2004 Suzuki    Production of APV all-purpose vehicle begins at P.T. Indomobil Suzuki International. 
 2005 Honda    Third motorcycle plant in Indonesia begins operation. 
 2006 Yamaha     Motorcycle manufacturing factory Yamaha Motor Manufacturing West Java (YMMWJ) founded in Indonesia 
 2008 Yamaha     Global Training Center established in Indonesia 
 2009 Honda   Motorcycle production in Indonesia reaches 25 million units. 

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